Part 5: Phrases Corresponding Meanings a. to keep track of changes in the rules 3. to be aware of changing regulations b. to jump through a lot of hoops 1. to complete many bureaucratic stages c. to make a U-turn 5. to reverse a decision d. to follow the letter of the law 2. toContinue reading “JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS (B2-C1): Answers”

A Christmas Carol, Part 7, answers

a. The clip shows a father, daughter and a family friend or neighbour. The woman doesn’t seem to be part of the household, because she asks if it’s okay that she arrived early, and she’s bought a present for the family. b. The present is a goat, which has been sent to a village inContinue reading “A Christmas Carol, Part 7, answers”

A Christmas Carol, part 5, answers

The original words from the article are here in bold. I have suggested some alternative words and phrases that would fit the sentences (and you might have thought of some other different words). gifts (commercialism, celebration/ celebrations, present-giving) carbon capture (the environment, our natural world, reforestation) mounds (production, curse, problems) anyway (at all, to receive,Continue reading “A Christmas Carol, part 5, answers”

A Christmas Carol, Part 1, example sentences

“I come to bring goodwill to Planet Earth”, said the alien. The prince was famous for being a miser in his later years, eating only dry bread, drinking water, and refusing to repair the castle roof even when the rain started to come into the building. A local company recently made a $1 million donationContinue reading “A Christmas Carol, Part 1, example sentences”

Upgrades, part 7, answers – and a challenge

Phrases that the salesperson uses to persuade or convince the customer: if you ask me It’s definitely worth it You don’t want it running slow This thing might be the standard You don’t want to regret not getting it enhances You might regret not getting it Plus… it was 40 and now it’s 20 you’veContinue reading “Upgrades, part 7, answers – and a challenge”

Upgrades, parts 5-6, answers

5. The tactics of the salesperson include:– A lot of powerful phrases! We’ll look at those in the next bit of the lesson.– Speaking quickly! This makes it seem that he’s busy and doesn’t have time to wait while the customer makes decisions.– Making the customer feel that the basic laptop will be too slow:Continue reading “Upgrades, parts 5-6, answers”

Upgrades, part 3, answers

1. At the moment, I can… F. I’m currently able to… 2. Don’t misunderstand me. K. Don’t get me wrong. 3. I don’t know much regarding… H. I’m not very clued up about… 4. What you just said describes it perfectly. B. That’s exactly what it is. 5. It’s different, in different situations. A. Well,Continue reading “Upgrades, part 3, answers”

Bad Designs, part 16, answers

Discoverability: the ability to look at something and discover what operations one can do. Examples of discoverability:a cable port on a computera staplera tape dispensera pepper pota typewriteraeroplane controlscar controlscomputer trackpads (an example of where there is no discoverability)…and doors! Feedback: a signal of what happened. Examples of feedback:a light or sound when you plugContinue reading “Bad Designs, part 16, answers”