Unexplained Phenomena, part 4, answers

a. Which words in the text are used as synonyms for ‘monolith’? (For example, the structure)

  • the structure
  • the piece
  • it (in “its sudden disappearance”)
  • the object itself
  • the metal sculpture

b. Apart from past simple, which other tenses are used in the story, and why?

  • present perfect passive (may have been solved): recent and relevant to now.
  • past continuous passive (it was rumoured): a temporary situation in the past.
  • past perfect (he had been concerned): he was talking in the past about something that happened earlier.
  • You could also say present perfect (claimed to have saved) but this is part of the clause starting ‘claimed to’.
  • present simple passive (it is understood): this is still understood.
  • present perfect (have donated): relevant to now, because the monolith is now with the Bureau of Land Management.
  • present simple (helps to address): this sentence refers to the information contained in the present text.

c. How many verbs in the text are reporting what someone said or thought? (For example, explained).

  • it was rumoured
  • issued a denial
  • explained
  • conceded
  • claimed
  • it is understood

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