BACK TO PORRIDGE, parts 8-9, answers

8. The professor mentions two reasons why it’s important to go back to working face-to-face. What are these? Face-to-face meetings are more productive because people aren’t as attentive on Zoom. Also, people who work from home are more likely to be lonely.

What does the psychologist say about social anxiety? It’s normal to feel this way, because social anxiety is caused by avoidance and the pandemic means we’ve all been avoiding our normal social lives.

9. a. When you’re meeting with somebody on Zoom, my guess is, 95% chance they’re actually not paying attention to you. –> hypothesis

b. Your probability of saying you’re a lonely person goes up 60, 70 percentage points if you’re working at home as opposed to working in the office. –> likelihood

c. What is the protocol in the office, when you return to work? –> etiquette

d. We all are feeling a little bit rusty, a little bit shaky, as we enter whatever this new normal will be. –> wobbly

e. You could argue that, considering what was at stake, what is at stake still, that being socially anxious is the normal response, right? –> given

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