BACK TO PORRIDGE, parts 6-7, answers

6. How did her experience change over time? It was a lot of pressure earlier on, as she was alone with the kids while her husband worked as a nurse in a hospital, but after a while she got used to working from home and now says she prefers it to working in the office.

Is her viewpoint typical of the workforce in the USA? Yes, insofar as 60% of workers say they would like to work from home or remotely at least part of the time.

7. a. Why does the interviewer emphasise the phrase “zooming for work“? She is highlighting the pun – zooming in a car (as the interviewee works for Ford and likes cars) and using Zoom software for meetings.
b. What does Jovina mean by rhythm, when she says “I found a rhythm at home that I really really enjoy”? This could mean habits, routines and the way she divides up the day.
c. What word does the interviewer use to categorise “make-up, hair and work clothes”? Rituals.
d. Why does Jovina feel bad about saying she doesn’t miss the daily commute? Because she works for an automotive company (implying that it could be bad news for her employer if everyone stops commuting to work).
e. Why would it be inaccurate to say “60 percent of Americans want to work from home”? There are a few reasons. This is 60 percent of working Americans, so doesn’t include children or retirees. It includes working from home or remotely (and there might be people who only want to work remotely). The reporter also includes the caveat ideally, which implies there might be some who would love to work from home but have chosen a career where this isn’t possible.

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