Part 5:

PhrasesCorresponding Meanings
a. to keep track of changes in the rules3. to be aware of changing regulations
b. to jump through a lot of hoops1. to complete many bureaucratic stages
c. to make a U-turn5. to reverse a decision
d. to follow the letter of the law2. to obey the law in all its detail
e. to clamp down4. to enforce the rules more firmly

Part 9:

  1. True.
  2. False. Only 2 households can meet if there are more than 6 people: yours and one other household.
  3. False. They have to be outdoor sports, and ‘formally organised’.
  4. True.
  5. False. There’s a maximum of 2 households (so this rule is stricter than in England).
  6. True.

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