A Christmas Carol, Part 1, example sentences

  1. “I come to bring goodwill to Planet Earth”, said the alien.
  2. The prince was famous for being a miser in his later years, eating only dry bread, drinking water, and refusing to repair the castle roof even when the rain started to come into the building.
  3. A local company recently made a $1 million donation to a shelter for homeless people.
  4. The new President says he’s going to stop pollution and save the environment, but I think everything he says is humbug.
  5. Three local companies have promised to fund a programme to provide school books and equipment to poorer areas of the city.
  6. “You gave your car to a poor family? Wow, that was very altruistic of you!”
  7. Did you have a jolly time at the Christmas party?
  8. There’s far too much commercialism about Christmas now, and I just want to take a break and have a simple time with my family.

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