Upgrades, parts 5-6, answers

5. The tactics of the salesperson include:
– A lot of powerful phrases! We’ll look at those in the next bit of the lesson.
– Speaking quickly! This makes it seem that he’s busy and doesn’t have time to wait while the customer makes decisions.
– Making the customer feel that the basic laptop will be too slow: ‘You don’t want it running slow‘.
– Acting surprised at the customer not knowing about the latest upgrades: ‘Have you not seen it?
– Giving a discount on the lettuce upgrade: ‘I’m currently able to offer it to you for 20 pounds’.
– Making the customer feel that the basic laptop will get old quickly: ‘You might regret not getting it down the line’.
– Making a disappointed/ disgusted face when the customer refuses to buy the lettuce upgrade, and sending him over to the other side of the store.
– Calling it a ‘NON-lettuce-leaf-upgraded laptop‘ as though this is an unusual laptop to buy.
– Some other staff from the store walk in front of the customer with a box containing the lettuce-leaf-upgraded laptop, so that he feels pressure to follow the trend!

There might be some other tactics too! Did you notice any others?

I would say the main reason that the customer is disappointed at the end is that he realises there is now a carrot upgrade, which is newer and might be better than the lettuce!

6. There are no right or wrong answers here, but you might have talked about these things:
– People often spend a lot on technology without really knowing what they’re getting.
– In a battle between a skilled salesperson and a clueless customer, the salesperson has a very good chance of winning!
– Trying to buy ‘the latest thing’ can be a waste of money.
– Some tech products do have very silly names…

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