Upgrades, part 7, answers – and a challenge

Phrases that the salesperson uses to persuade or convince the customer:

  • if you ask me
  • It’s definitely worth it
  • You don’t want it running slow
  • This thing might be the standard
  • You don’t want to regret not getting it
  • enhances
  • You might regret not getting it
  • Plus…
  • it was 40 and now it’s 20
  • you’ve (kind of) made money

Phrases that the salesperson or the customer use to explain their point of view:

  • Basically…
  • Well, yeah, but…
  • The thing is…
  • You know…
  • Essentially…
  • You see…
  • I mean…
  • Like I said before…
  • In a way…

Notice where these phrases come in a sentence: they can be at the beginning, in the middle, or sometimes at the end. All of these phrases are used A LOT in spoken conversations, and you can find them in informal writing (like text messages) as well.

A challenge: looking at this list of phrases, can you put the dialogue back together from memory? Try to practise it with your study partner! Go on! Sell them a laptop with a lettuce attached!

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