Upgrades, part 3, answers

1. At the moment, I can…F. I’m currently able to…
2. Don’t misunderstand me.K. Don’t get me wrong.
3. I don’t know much regarding…H. I’m not very clued up about…
4. What you just said describes it perfectly.B. That’s exactly what it is.
5. It’s different, in different situations.A. Well, it depends.
6. …is appropriate for me to use.J. …suits my needs.
7. …in the futureC. …down the line
8. Please go and pay for your items.L. If you’d just like to go to the cashier’s desk.
9. In my opinion…G. If you ask me…
10. …not spend too muchE. …stick to a budget
11. Would you like me to add it?D. Shall I whack it on, then?
12. Don’t let me make you do something you don’t want.I. Stop me if I’m twisting your arm.

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