Bad Designs, part 6, answers

  • What types of word come after the noun that you’re describing?
  • who, which, that, where, when
  • Which words can come after a person?
  • who, that
  • Which words can come after a thing?
  • which, that
  • When do we use ‘when’ and ‘where’ in this type of sentence?
  • ‘When’ can be used for a time, and ‘where’ for a place. However, the way of using these words is a little bit flexible. You can see that in the next page.
  • What comes next (after who / when / where etc.)?
  • After who/ which/ that: often the next word is a verb, then there might be another noun (the object of the sentence).
  • After when or where: there’s a complete sentence with a noun or pronoun (subject) and a verb.

Who, which and that are called relative pronouns and the next part of the sentence is a relative clause.

When and where are a bit different: they’re relative adverbs but we use them in a similar way.

To learn more about relative clauses, click on this post.

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