TRAFFIC, part 9, my answers

  • The three options are to
    • go straight and hit the heavy object
    • swerve left into an SUV (a ‘sport utility vehicle’ – a tall car which can drive offroad)
    • swerve right and hit a motorcycle.
  • In my opinion, the self-driving car should brake hard while going straight. This would mean hitting the heavy object and possibly killing the people in the car. However, all the traffic on the road is going fast, so swerving right or left might mean hitting not just the SUV/ motorcycle but other vehicles too, and causing an even bigger accident. What do you think? Do you agree with my opinion or do you have another viewpoint?
  • I think any driver, even the best and most responsible driver, will probably swerve right or left. This is because they don’t have time to think through all the options and their first reaction will be to save themselves. What’s your opinion?

(This is part of a lesson on my main site – here’s the link).

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