TRAFFIC, part 6, answers

You might have other ideas – but here are mine:

  • Wild animals crossing e.g. moose, buffalo, deer
  • Farm animals or pets escaping onto the road
  • Farmers moving cows from one field to another
  • Children running suddenly into the road
  • Children crossing outside a school (with a crossing warden or ‘lollipop lady’)
  • Roadworks
  • Slow moving vehicles e.g. road cleaning machines, tractors, bikes
  • Cars parked in the road
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Traffic lights
  • Accidents
  • Fallen trees
  • Too much traffic!
  • Vehicles pulling out on to a main road from a side road
  • Vehicles changing lane suddenly

And of course, the fact that drivers can’t or don’t pay attention or react quickly enough. Look at what happens in this video:

(This is part of a lesson on my main site – here’s the link).

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