ENDING THE LOCKDOWN, part 3, answers

  • Why is there a lot of interest in the issue of when to end the lockdowns?
    The virus has stalled the economy and disrupted daily life. However, if lockdowns are ended too soon, this could cause another peak in COVID-19 cases.
  • Which social and economic effects of the virus are mentioned in the text?
    It has killed tens of thousands of people, derailed education for 1.4 billion children, triggered losses for businesses and forced millions of people out of work.
  • Who in the US is in disagreement with President Trump and the federal government?
    Regional coalitions/ governors of 10 or more states.
  • ‘You can’t replace lockdown with nothing’ – what does Dr. Mike Ryan suggest as an alternative?
    Protective equipment/ intensive care beds/ tapered restrictions/ a stable exit strategy.
  • ‘We should be ready to change our behaviours’ – who has to change, and how?
    The WHO and scientists in the article keep using the word ‘we’ – it is clear that they are talking about governments around the world AND about ordinary citizens, the public, everyone! The main point of the article seems to be that governments will need to create strategies and rules, and the public will have to accept that even after the lockdown ends, life will not go back to normal straight away.

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