ENDING THE LOCKDOWN, part 11, answers

  • There are 30 to 40 participants in the programme.
    False. Vicki Thomson says that they expected to get 30 to 40 people, but in fact they were ‘inundated’ by researchers.
  • The University of Melbourne worked together with Americans to develop the programme.
    True. The platform was developed with the assistance of US intelligence agencies.
  • The researchers are completely anonymous during the meetings.
    True. They are assigned a name when they log in, so that a top mental health expert could be ‘Cockatoo123’ and a PhD student could be ‘Echidna124’.
  • The researchers are focused on issues which affect only Australia.
    False. Vicki Thomson says these are ‘the issues that we’re all grappling with… big, challenging issues that the whole world is facing’.

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