a. True. It’s about 30%. The numbers went up to over 40% in the 1990s, then came back down again.
(Source: here on page 19).

b. False. Young people are drinking less alcohol than in the past.
(Source: here or here, with more details here)

c. True, although it’s complicated because more are earning money via apps.
(Source: here and here).

d. False. They were at 7% in the ‘90s and only 3.5% now.
(Source: here).

e. False. It’s even more dramatic: the 2017 number is about a quarter of the 2007 number.
(Source: here).

f. True. The marmalade industry is in crisis, as 60% of it is bought by people over 65.
(Source: here).

g. False. It’s a lot less now, in fact about half as many cycling trips as before.
(Source: here on page 23).

h. True, and they’re drinking more energy drinks in the UK than in other European countries too.
(Source: here and here).

i. True. Snapchat is more popular than Facebook now among younger users.
(Source: here).

j. True. The combined ‘happiness and confidence’ score has gone from 73% in 2009 to 69% in 2018, according to the Prince’s Trust charity.
(Source: report downloaded here).

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