SWITCHED ON, part 6, answers

a. The trains have been late every day this month! I am going to write in to the newspaper about this because it’s not good enough! (or you can also spell it as ‘write into’)

b. I had to reinstall the app because it came up with an error every time I opened it.

c. My boss is very kind – she paid for my family’s holiday last summer.

d. ‘Oh, hello, I’m just phoning up to check if you’ve sent my new modem. It hasn’t arrived yet but I had an email a week ago to say you sent it’. (it’s also correct to say ‘phoning’ here – older British people like to add the preposition ‘up’ but it is not needed. Americans would say ‘calling’).

e. Using this machine is very easy. You just flick the switch and it starts.


Here’s another exercise. Add the phrases to the gaps here too!

a. ‘It’s your birthday this week, so your drinks are all _______  _______.’

‘Oh, you didn’t need to do that, thank you very much!.’

b. The crazy scientist _______  a _______  and Devlin disappeared inside the machine.

c. No internet in your house again? I think you should _______ British Telecom _______ and complain!

d. In yesterday’s programme we showed the story of Benjie, the Chinese-speaking dog, and many of our viewers have _______  _______ to us about the story.

e. I asked my three kids to plan our summer holiday, and they all ______  ______  ______ really good ideas

Answers are here.

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