SWITCHED ON, part 4, some answers

You might get different answers from me. That’s OK!

First of all, the main differences I can see between the internet now and then are the size and convenience of the equipment. The computer in 1984 was pretty big, like an old TV, with lots of wires and a big heavy keyboard. You couldn’t take it out of the house very easily. Nowadays, we have smartphones which are a lot smaller and we don’t have to plug them in all the time because they have batteries. Even at home, a lot of us use a laptop which we can move inside the house and take into work or on holiday.

The other big difference is in the design of the software: Julian and Pat had really basic graphics on their screen, whereas modern equipment has lots of colour and looks much, much more attractive.

There are some very interesting similarities too, though. Did you notice how Julian talked about programs which you could download, and this sounds just like the apps we use now! In about 2000 people didn’t talk so much about programs and applications because you could surf the whole web with just one program on your computer. So it’s like we’ve returned to the old way of doing computing! Also, the people in the video using a computer to make lists, keep addresses and stay in touch with people and this hasn’t changed since 1984.

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