I’m writing these down as I would say them:

– It’s a piece of land with water all around it.

– I’ve lived on islands most of my life – growing up on the island of Ireland and now living in England, and I also spent time in Japan. But for smaller islands, I’ve been to the Azores, which were wonderful, and to some tiny islands in Indonesia and Finland.

– I don’t think there’s a big difference when it’s a big island like Great Britain, but perhaps the people are a little bit more proud of being separate. I think that has affected politics in the UK and also in Japan. On a smaller island, things are very different – you’re so much more dependent on the weather, because everything has to come in or out by boat or plane. If the electricity gets cut off, it’ll probably take a bit more time to fix. The same with the internet. So the people have to learn to do things for themselves. Also, on islands there’s often less crime and you’re less affected by the bad things in society. But islands have a bad side too – you can’t get away from people, so everyone knows where you are and what you’re doing.

– In the UK, the Barclay brothers (who own Barclay’s Bank) are famous for living on an island, and they’ve had some arguments with other people on the islands around them. David Bowie, Richard Branson, Johnny Depp and Celine Dion have also owned islands. There’s a list here with some people you probably know (but please don’t read it too carefully because the English is not very good).

– I would, for sure! I’ve always liked the idea of having an island. I think I’d feel safe there, and could spend time with nature, with the sea, and with my own thoughts!

(This is part of a lesson on my blog, englishin3d.net)

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